VI SYNGER SAMMEN is a collaboration between actor Morten Liene and choreographer Eivind Seljeseth. It is made for middle schools in Norway. The work adresses the voice as cultural, personal, political, physical and emotional object. 



Choreography: Eivind Seljeseth.
Actor: Morten Liene
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Spenn and DKS Kristiansand.

Premiered February 7th, 2015
at Møvig Skole, Kristiansand 


"Hello and welcome to the performance "We are singing together." My name is Morten Liene and I am coming from the Cultural Rucksack to present this project for you here at _________________ middle school.
"We are singing together" is a theater piece we have made on the basis of an examination of the voice as a phenomenon. The voice is the most immediate means of expression of a person's thoughts or feelings, and is a useful means of communication between people. Through screams, sighs, speaking, singing, shouting, crying and wailing.

PAUSE (7 sec)

We in the Cultural Rucksack hope that you, through today's meeting with this performance will get a greater understanding of yourselves and others voice on a personal, political and theoretical level and that this will contribute positively in the daily reality in which you live.


The show lasts for 30 minutes.


(Gradually into Danish, as if in an imitation of Jorgen Leth)

The voice is interesting. Let's examine it. Let's look into it. What is it? How does it perform? Where does it come from? 
It starts in the diaphragmatic muscles, that moves and creates a pressure through the lungs that puts air in motion.
-When This air passes the vocal cords, and they are put into motion and creates fluctuations in air pressure. This is what we call sound waves. These sound waves resonates on the oral cavity, where they can be manipulated by the shape of the lips, the jaw, the tongue and the palate and articulated to words and precise sounds. These sound waves leaves the body between the lips and out through the nostrils to resonate in the space you are in."

- Excerpts from the script.