Lulleli for Fruholmen fyr is collaboration between Eivind Seljeseth, Kristin Ryg Helgebostad, Ingeleiv Berstad and Tormod Carlsen. Fruholmen Fyr is the northernmost lighthouse in the world, situated at 71° north in Finnmark county. Many people have asked us why the Lulleli experience had to be placed here. And to be honest, we have asked ourselves the same question some times. When the storm seems to have no end, the boat is cancelled, or when we have been on the other side of the world planning this event with no means to understand the implications of our ideas.

It must be the attraction of this place. The mythical atmosphere that hovers over the lighthouse. The air, the light, the wind, the wide horizon, the locals, the stories and an atmosphere that is hard to explain. This is our outpost. This is the place that called us and answered our longings.  


"Lulleli is a word that we have invented. It describes a genre or a concept around a phenomenon that we are still trying to work out what is. Together with you, we would like to celebrate this lighthouse and the landscape it lights up. The experience starts once you enter Ingøy and are handed a small pocket radio tuned into FM 105,9 – Radio Fruholmen. This radio channel is only operational today and will be with you throughout your Lulleli experience at the island. Listen to stories from the area, weather observations, some good advice, poetical performances and lots of good music."

Press and reviews: (review by Venke Sortland in Norwegian)
Tanz (review by Arnd Wesemann in German)
Norsk shakespearetidskrift (review by Ragnhild Freng Dale in Norwegian)
Hammerfestingen (feature in Local newspaper)


Lulleli for Fruholmen fyr is produced by The Norwegian Landscape Theatre consisting of Ingeleiv Berstad, Kristin Ryg Helgebostad, Tormod Carlsen og Eivind Seljeseth in collaboration with Gulli Kristina Sekse, Fredrik Floen, Alf Ollett, Jørgen Knudsen, Elle Sofe Henriksen, Sara Baban, Cecilie Lindeman Steen, Zuzanna Skiba, Runar Bruteig Olsen, Måsøy kulturskole, Hammerfest Damekor, Hammerfest musikkforening conducted by Frode Sollie. Producer: Dansearena Nord - Maiken Garder, Anita Bjørkli and Susanne Næss Nielsen. 
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, dansearena nord, FFUK, Måsøy kommune, Hammerfest kommune, Kystverket, Hammerfest kuturskole, Snelandia, Repvåg kraftlag and sparebank1 nord-norge.
Premiered august 13th 2016
at Ingøy, Norway    


Project AGENDA